Lettering Practice Sheet

I've been moving right along in the LearnLettering.com starter class for a few days now and decided to create a printable for each typeface I want to use in my deliberate practice. So far, I'm starting with the typefaces suggested in the lessons so I figured it might be helpful to share the PDF for others using this technique.

This printable PDF is set up for Baskerville at 128 pt. with 6 letters on four rows and lines up with the cap height, x height and baseline.

The lines are nice guides, but faint enough to stay out of your way and stay put when erasing. I plan on printing many of these out as I go through the alphabet and then making a new one for each typeface I practice. These will even come in handy for steps 2 and 3 of this technique (from reference and from memory) so are a valuable tool. 

Enjoy! Download Here. Feel free to tweet me a shout out if you do, and I'd love to see you tag me in your practice shares on instagram as you listen to Sean teach.