Can Tools Inspire Us?

Typically inspiration is sparked before a tool is ever used, and most experts tell you that is the right way to maintain proper focus for a project with a measurable goal. Don't rely on your tools to create anything of great impact. While I agree with this approach - concepts must be strong and proper tools used to deliver, of course all tools are still just just that, tools do get the job done.

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Type Inspiration

On this fall day, I received another new and wonderful issue of Rising Stars from This and Ascender's are my favorite typeface email newsletters because they have such a heavy showcase factor. Today a rising star that really stood out to me was Emil Kart Bertell's Mishka.

Although many would count me as a tomboy with my passion for tinkering under my car hood, I seem to have a pretty feminine streak in my design work. Isn't balance what life's all about? This font also has vintage applications which interests me and seemingly many others right now. Also, the glyphs are delicious.

I'd love to see what typefaces are inspiring you lately, and what you're making with them! If anyone makes anything with Mishka any time soon please share that as well. If I do, be sure I'll be posting.