This freaks me out

Every time I need to manage or organize my bookmarks in Firefox, I'm so nervous to click this. I always think it's going to LAUNCH ALL of my bookmarks...


Firefox Show All Bookmarks

Chrome is more clear

Chrome Bookmark Manager Chrome Open All Bookmarks]


Facebook Home has got me thinking.

Soon, we won't be designing UI. We will be designing with UX even more in the forefront than pretty UI aesthetics.

Will software design soon become OS design? Is there a huge difference now anyway?

User Experience Design in the freelance market

With the exception of a few super savvy companies and progressive teams inside groups that are investing in this specialized skill, do you feel that from the perspective of gaining clients for UX professionals it makes sense yet to market yourself as a user experience designer? Perhaps it is my locale, but I find that most clients looking for this type of work don't quite know it as that, and therefore aren't researching such terms.

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Rewriting my traditional web design process

Getting away from static mockups. Challenging myself to go from prototypes (Axure) to creating beautiful UI elements (Fireworks) with a service like typecast for finalizing details. This allows content to dictate more of the layout in a real time environment which is the live scenario. Ideally, once this mockup is tested and approved, it's ready to launch as-is.

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Device screen sizes

With the 17" Macbook Pro going away (already gone) and now the iPad screen size scaling back, it made me think about screen sizes and where product designers get their user needs from. Yes, I realize other manufacturers are making other decisions and everyone is trying to stay ahead and on top of what users want.

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Pragmatic Marketing Certification

20120630-085429.jpg Recently, Schoolwires (the company I am employed by and whose site I recently redesigned from the ground up) enrolled us in a two day Pragmatic Marketing training course with a focus on Practical Product Management. I have to admit at first I thought the concepts I read about on their website were a bit of common sense from the perspective I come from and try to design by. However, it was a great exercise to bring together a few different teams turning the focus completely on market and user needs. It should go without saying, but there were a lot of things I found valuable in the training that were more granular such as how to implement practices and defining roles. Product marketing and management have so many titles and vague lines when it comes to development, sales and marketing needs at times, and I think everyone was relieved to speak the same language moving forward.

I appreciate any organization who is willing to invest in professional development so kudos to our company for that. If given the chance I would have never thought to do training like this either, since I usually look for web design and development opportunities solely.

We all got certified and I was pleasantly surprised to have scored 100%. Yay, I can pay attention.

Album Art Digital Evolution

Wonder if the traditional square CD cover art digitized will evolve with digital music models. Song artwork? Song video? Song video with lyrics? There has been lots of innovation around the creation and delivery of music digitally, but this is one piece that has come along for the ride. Surely the experience has more potential!