Mobile Prototype Design and Testing

When our team sees opportunities within the market from the numerous research and learning methods we use, we often get to work creating a prototype. 

Last year I helped to design a mobile prototype to test market fit and I really appreciated how we were able to run the project. While I can't share all of the facts, findings and problems we solved, I will share the processes.

After some ideation from our design director was presented to me, I wireframed some interactive concepts and collaborated with our project manager (Pamela Livingston) and design director (Jason Coudriet) on creating user flows using LucidChart. After much iteration from internal stakeholders and design team, we planned an event around user testing with our project team. 

User Flows 

We used InVision mostly on our phones to walk through the prototype and at times for multiple people we used the laptop to show concepts. 

UI Design from the Prototype

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User Research

The research was held at an existing conference (which just happened to be by the beach!), so our sales personnel were able to qualify customers who fit the goals of the project and send them back to us. We had a relaxing atmosphere that was private, with snacks and beverages for a break. 

I set up at a present but out-of-the way area for notes and chimed in as I had questions.

The research helped our business to find proper focus on the product front, and know how to best implement something like this in the future. Our research continues to be referenced in other projects and business decisions. It was a valuable experience for our business and helped grow stronger relationships with our customers.