Browser Upgrading in the Future

Browser WarsI suppose this goes without saying, but instead of 100% of the effort and discussion being around agreeing on standards in the new browsers, I feel more progress could be made faster in the world of  browser hell if someone could also invent a solution for assisting in upgrading browsers, innovations could be adapted quicker and we could put less resources into so much cross browser testing and effort (and dying inside).

The last time I cared enough to open and test IE6 in VMware Fusion, after installing Windows updates, I saw a red bar at the top of IE6 windows with an alert to update the browser. I thought this was a good idea toward this, but a small effort on the scale of things.

More than talking about why it's a good idea to update, getting the message to those every day users who really have no idea is the real challenge. Until it's 100% (or close) widespread knowledge or easier to do (I like how Wordpress updates so easily...) the numbers will spread out with each upgrade and leave more behind relatively.