Some things I'm working on or experimenting with. 

Introducing a new design language into a legacy CMS

A bigger challenge than it may seem, a recent project I worked on was implementing a new design system into an existing application. It was a challenge to keep the familiarity of our legacy system in tact while introducing enough new elements to pave the way toward the modern look of the new visual system. Originally, the design was coated with the fresh, new paint in order to show off the modern look we were going for. While it looked great, it certainly looked way too different inside the overall experience the user would have while interacting with our system. This made it an easy decision to peel back a few layers and meticulously detail a compromise that I think worked pretty well at the end. By the end of this year, we should be ready to pilot for feedback. 

Customer Empathy Program

While I'm due for an update on this ongoing strategy, here's a bit about how it started