Treehouse for Seasoned Pros

The term "seasoned pro" and skill sets vary greatly depending on who you talk to, but this is my experience. Although I am senior level designer, I have to say that my Treehouse subscription has been worth more than I had expected. When I first logged in after receiving a promo on membership cost, I admit to have felt that there wasn't much for a UI designer and front end developer between basics (through responsive design) and programming (especially related to mobile design), but I was wrong.

Discovering Deep Content

The multiple ways that the content is organized is super helpful and it took me to exploring that to find certain levels of information that I'm finding valuable at reminding me proper techniques, updating me with things I may have not touched in a while, and getting me up to speed to working more deeply with the developers on my team. For me, being a designer doesn't just stop at the UI design. It requires a working knowledge of code and application of a design whether or not I am the one building it.

As you complete lessons or go through Learning Adventures on Treehouse you can also unlock more content that supports and enhances perviously learned concepts.

Other gems brought from this great content source are Treehouse TV podcasts and their blog.

Treehouse Library Main
Treehouse Library Main
Treehouse Content Routes
Treehouse Content Routes

Collaboration Improvements and More Content

Refreshing myself on programming basics and javascript is helping me get through the early stages of working with Appcelerator's Titanium to style apps that I design while working with developers. It's obviously much easier for me to find class names and sift through already-structured app code to apply design elements to when I know what the code is doing. In the past I mostly needed to understand markup in the form of HTML and some javascript but it's slightly different with app building. It helps me transition more since we're  using Titanium and not platform specific development, not to mention the resource intensiveness of such a decision.

Titanium Front End Developer

It just made sense for this transition in my career as I have plenty of front-end web development experience. Working with this environment is slightly different as far as syntax while the workflow isn't much different from design to styling. Probably the biggest challenge for me is the debugging aspect for styles. Generating a new prototype to check a style is a lot more time consuming than on the web but I feel confident that this will improve.

What I've learned last week at Titanium's TI Conference in Baltimore made me excited for the future (, and I'm looking forward to pairing up my design skills with some awesome apps from my UX team!

Oh, and if you're reading this giggling at my newb status in mobile dev, write something helpful, share that (earned) ego!