Pragmatic Marketing Certification

20120630-085429.jpg Recently, Schoolwires (the company I am employed by and whose site I recently redesigned from the ground up) enrolled us in a two day Pragmatic Marketing training course with a focus on Practical Product Management. I have to admit at first I thought the concepts I read about on their website were a bit of common sense from the perspective I come from and try to design by. However, it was a great exercise to bring together a few different teams turning the focus completely on market and user needs. It should go without saying, but there were a lot of things I found valuable in the training that were more granular such as how to implement practices and defining roles. Product marketing and management have so many titles and vague lines when it comes to development, sales and marketing needs at times, and I think everyone was relieved to speak the same language moving forward.

I appreciate any organization who is willing to invest in professional development so kudos to our company for that. If given the chance I would have never thought to do training like this either, since I usually look for web design and development opportunities solely.

We all got certified and I was pleasantly surprised to have scored 100%. Yay, I can pay attention.