Web Applications and Content Strategy

As users perform more and more task based actions online, content strategy is even more important then ever. Content strategy isn't just writing for the web, and UI design isn't just for task performance either, although it may frequently be a measurable interactivity factor. More new sites popping up are web apps, rather than business billboards as they have been in the past. Even business sites need a fresh content stream to keep users caring about their brand's relevancy.

I believe of mix of these two concepts - among other professions, experiences and problems which have become more apparent - are in a way how "User Experience" was born as a professional focus. Of course the experience of a "product users" was being designed for centuries - using everything before the web was even invented. Not only do expectations of users change exponentially today, but so do the ways we measure success and failure, including the cycles of time in which that is possible. With real time data, social media and personal outlets, we can identify and solve problems quicker than ever. From the comprehensive workflow ultimately left in the user's lap, down to the information architecture, visual aesthetics and content strategy (and so forth), there is no room for skipping any context planning or testing.

From reading, to paying bills, to tracking our health, understanding how to efficiently handle those precious 86,400 seconds we are blessed with each day changes as we discover new and better ways. Adapting an experience constantly to tailor to lifestyles is something all applications yearn to do.