When we all disengage, engagement will be human again.

It's getting harder and harder to picture a world where we aren't checking some kind of notification, alert or performance statistics on-the-go. Even eating dinner there has to be a constant reminder or shut off in order to keep reality in check and ignore the feeling of missing out (and having to know) for so many. Considering how much I love my iPhone, I have a pretty disciplined stance on "disconnecting" from the digital world when in nature and around family, but since our phones are our only phones these days and there are apps that "enhance" so many experiences of our every day lives it's becoming increasingly tough. I take tons of photos, I use Spotify when I go for a run, walk or bike ride and sometimes I even use the map. Mostly, I hate to think of an idea that I can't somehow record because creativity isn't scheduled.

Some nights, I get brave and turn on Do Not Disturb so help me sleep through text messages of friends who are up a bit later (that I will inevitably return when they are still sleeping in the AM). But I still have allowances for close family calls just in case.

However, I dream of a world where technology - neutral in and of itself - provides more opportunity than we had before its inception to be together as humans. Face time. The real kind. 

The kind where smells (good or bad) can define memories, and the spray of the ocean clouds your memory of a history of annoying digital notifications. Where technology works to INCREASE our time away from screens, and takes on tasks that can be automated or at least help us make decisions faster (and more tied to our personal values). This could look like so many things, and we are just scratching the surface. Figuring out context points is something I'm taking notes on, and will be sharing.

In this future, everyone will feel more able to enjoy real life, leave our phone/device lay and the feeling of missing out will fizzle as less and less of us are behind screens manually littering connections in real-time (with ego strokes or content) that we don't need to care about or that just aren't relevant RIGHT NOW. 

Work smarter, not harder