Benchmark Logo

I was hired to design a logo for a new business in our region that was started by three experienced professionals. Together, they are already planning some great marketing strategies driving their clients ahead in this modern and complex business world. I loved working with this client, and it was a mutually pleasant partnership. Their needs were based around a look that will visually represent their brand.

Defining Goals

Three adjectives about their brand that the client provided in the questionnaire were: 

  1. Reliable
  2. Nimble
  3. Experienced

To appeal to their specified target audience we identified the following qualities.

  1. Stand out from competition in the region
  2. Look modern and snappy
  3. Show experience despite the new business 
  4. Be versatile in application

Along with the logo, I designed them business cards, a simple website presence, got their domain emails running, and set up social media accounts to match their brand. 


  1. Define success by researching industry, competitors.
  2. Concepting/custom design. Exploration of style, colors, shapes, technique.
  3. Finalizing files: Two geometric and type styles and a hand lettered concept which I vectorized for the presentation
  4. Keynote Presentation to present my research and how I arrived at my solutions.
  5. Ultimately, the logo is designed to convey a reliable, nimble and experienced partner that defines and aligns clients with success based on custom defined metrics.

It took me two weeks from sketch to presentation, it was quite a bit of research and exploration. I had about 8 full pages of thumbnail concept sketches. I drew many visual metaphors, logotype styles, artistic lettering techniques and geometric exploration.

Four examples of logo concepts I arrived at.

Four examples of logo concepts I arrived at.

Then, I wanted something different. I felt there was something missing - and it was the traditional, experienced feel. A hand lettered option felt like the right tool from my collection. Here are some shots of the process, including a quick screencast video of the beginning of digitizing the drawing.

I presented my research and solutions in a Keynote presentation, explaining how I had drawn certain conclusions and arrived at the solution. I showed styles I explored and why they are relevant, colors that made sense and why, and showed logos in multiple contexts.

Final Logo